About us

About Us


Its not merely about us, but about all of us, the entire country perhaps. 


As soon as I completed my education, I quickly moved on to a job. The job kept me on toes and years passed by in a jiffy.


A few years back I went to my home town and saw my study room filled with old books. Dust and termites had a collaboration it seemed. Both had taken up their fair share on the pages and covers.


It was a sad site and something struck me instantly. I tried to calculate how much money was invested in it, which was eating dust for years. I roughly calculated how many study rooms would be in the same mess. 


Over 10 crore students graduate to the next level every year. Each graduating year has at least 10 books, worth Rs 200 each on an average. Thats make a whopping Rs 20,000 Crore.


Each year upon graduation, most of this money takes its space in our houses and is locked for years to come. What a pity.


Why not circulate this money. Why not optimise the use of these precious books. Why not sell them to someone. Why not lend them to some one. Why not just donate them and lend a helping hand.


Later that week, I ventured into the country side around my village. I realised, my hometown used to be so lush and green a few decades back. I wondered where had all the trees disappeared. Perhaps my study room and cup boards had eaten away all the trees. I was astonished and disheartened to my core. 


Should I not do something? How can I contribute in mobilising the money, why not help a lesser fortunate, why not save trees. Instead of printing the same books year after year, why not share our books with our peers


And thus,… bookpeer was born.



While bookpeer was taking shape, I needed more brains on it. A few weeks later, I discussed the thought with Shashank, a very close friend then. He could co-relate with the situation of the books and student community in general in India. He liked the thought and in no time was on board.


While we spent quite a few weeks on the finer working model and how we intend to bring the solution to this pain, the key idea of the business remained simple:


         * Knowledge is precious and so are the books. It deserves to be treated well and optimised. Share books - Share Knowledge.

         * Crores of Indian students still cant afford books, we wanted to take some of these books and make it available to those, who  

            still couldn't afford one

         * For those, who didn't needed it - they could sell, lend or donate 

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